Flash and let the world decide

Hi!  I’m Atroll.  I guess you could call me an internet troll, although I’m not going to be badmouthing people, places, or things.  I think internet trolls get a bad rep, and I’d like to change that.  Badmouthers, hate artists, other cantankerous people really shouldn’t be called Trolls.  Trolls are an ancient an honorable breed who guard bridges and serve as shock troops in fantasy armies.  They really have better things to do than hang around the internet.

Except for me.  I’m on the internet a lot.

Do you know what flash fiction is?  It’s not fiction about D .C.’s superhero character the Flash–though it could be.  It’s not about Marvel’s  Spider-Man character Flash Thompson–though it could be.  It’s not fiction about Flash Gordon–though it could be.

Flash fiction is short fiction that tries to get a point across, or evoke an emotional reaction, or make you smile or laugh.  It’s generally short on plot and characterization, but it makes up for that with cleverness or good writing.  It’s a story told in less than 1000 words.

Actually, shorter than 1000 words is better.  The shorter the better.  Here’s a flash fiction that I just made up for this blog.


     by Ken St. Andre

The northernmost bridge in the world spanned a nameless gorge high in the mountains near a glacier.  No path led to the bridge.  No path led away from it.  But there it was connecting two mountain flanks that would have been a day’s travel apart if one  had to descend to the bottom and then climb back up.

The last Troll in the world waited below his bridge, as he had waited for hundreds of years since he built it.  Trolls can be patient.  Now he heard voices–conversation.  Someone was coming.  More than one someone. 

“Look, Jon!  I believe that’s a bridge.  What the hell is a bridge doing way the hell out here?”

“Dunno, but it’s a very handy.  It will save a lot of hiking on our way to the top of Karn’s Krag.”

“Maybe it’s a Troll’s bridge.  The area is certainly wild enough.”

“Bwa ha ha ha ha!  Trolls!  There is no such thing as Trolls.  Do you believe in Trolls and Fairies and Santa Claus, Bill?”

“Nah, not really, but if there ever was a Troll, wouldn’t this be the perfect place for one?”

The two mountaineers started across the bridge.  Their footsteps echoed like thunder in the ears of the Troll.  When they reached the center, he sprang up to meet and eat them. 

“Do you believe in Trolls now?” he asked them.  But the only answer that he got was screaming.

The End.

So, that was flash fiction.  Maybe it isn’t very good, but I’m not going to make that call.  Did it make you smile?  It made me smile.  I like to think of that lonely isolated troll finally getting rewarded for his centuries of patience.

Do you have flash fiction inside you that wants to get out?  Have you been rejected by the internet flash zines?  Well, to hell with them and their pretensions of literary excellence!  Send me your flash fiction.  I’ll publish it here in this blog.  We don’t need our own website and zine.

A word of warning: I’m open to any fantasy-themed fiction.  But I won’t publish filth or incoherence.  You  have to be able to write and tell a story.  That’s really not too much to ask.

So, you want to see your flash fiction on the web here?  Send it in an email to: Atrrroll@gmail.com

Let’s do it!



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