She Came in through the Bathroom Window

She Came In Through the Bathroom Window

     By Dan Lambert

She came in through the bathroom window early on a
Monday morning. He was brushing his teeth at the time. He
turned to her and regarded her from head to toe. He shook
his head in disgust and went back to brushing, although he
kept an eye on her in the mirror.

The doors must have been locked.

She was dressed in the same black blouse and
tight black miniskirt she wore the night before. She still
wore the same large daisy in her hair, but it was wilted.
Her black mascara ran down the corners of her eyes, making
her look like a forlorn Panda. She stamped her foot twice,
hard, on the beige tile floor.

He turned his head quickly, then rinsed and wheeled on
her. He raised his hands to waist level to embrace her, but
she backed away, scampering into a corner like a frightened

He leaned back, balancing himself on the edge of the
sink. He tried to look as cool as possible for a man
wearing teddy bear pajamas.

She thrust her fingers down the front of her blouse,
all the while keeping her eyes focused on his. He broke their gaze and followed the hidden machinations of her
fingers. She withdrew her hand triumphantly, and slapped it
palm first onto the back of the toilet. She withdrew her
hand, revealing a key. It was emblazoned with a patriotic
red white and blue finish.

He regarded the key with a bemused grin. He knelt and
opened the cupboard under the sink. He rummaged inside, and
eventually removed a large, pink stuffed bunny holding an
orange, stuffed carrot. He held it out to her with one
hand. She glanced from the bunny to him, then yanked it
from him and held it tightly against her chest.

Why is a pink bunny locked in the bathroom?

He turned back to the mirror, plugged in his electric
razor, switched it on, and began to shave. She shuddered as
the buzzing sound permeated the room. She climbed onto the
toilet seat, reached up, and dropped the bunny out the
window. She then stepped up onto the back of the toilet,
and gave the back of his head one last angry look before
climbing out the window.

He turned on the hot water and began washing his face.

He abruptly turned off the water and gazed longingly at the
window where she had been a moment ago. He slowly drew a
heart in the vanishing steam on his bathroom mirror as a
single tear formed in the corner of his eye.



Dan Lambert is a college professor with modern fantasies that are both weird and sad. 


I’m still feeling my way into this flash fiction thing.  Would it be okay if I didn’t put up one of my own fictions every day?  I have a couple of things ready, but with a longer piece like Dan’s, I don’t really feel that the readers need or want more.  Comment please!  Would it be okay if we went to just one story a day, and Ken only appears every second or third day.

The other thing is that we don’t need to stay in legendary fantasy worlds all the time.  I like those places, but I wouldn’t want to live there.  🙂  So, if you can move back and forth between (places like) Middle Earth and (places like) modern Los Angeles, then you’ll be fine in Atroll’s Flashfiction.



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  1. Posted February 6, 2011 at 2:49 am | Permalink | Reply

    Dan…quite a “flash” fiction story! You’re good. Thanks for including me. MaryAnn

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