Potterstar Galactica–the Exciting Conclusion

Before you read today’s exciting adventure, you might want to read the first half of the tale, written by Eisley Jacobs on a challenge and published here: http://eisleyjacobs.com/novels/potterstar-galactica/.  The dynamic graphic that foreshadows our tale of intergalactic desperation and high magic was photoshopped together by Eisley Jacobs, and I’m very pleased to be able to re-use it for this tale, which came about because after I read her effort, I told her I thought the story actually started at the Poof, and she told me to go for it.  After you’ve read part one, don’t forget to come back here and read part 2.
(Slight apologies are necessary here.  My section of story at about 1400 words is actually a little long for flash fiction, imho, but I’ve seen some definitions that let flash go up to 3000 words.  At any rate, it’s short enough that you’ll be through it in two or three minutes maximum.  Comments are always welcome.–Ken)

Warlocks and a Witch in a galaxy far far away


Potterstar Galactica–the Exciting Conclusion

     by Ken St. Andre


 Harry. Hermione, and Ron appeared aboard the Command Bridge of the Battlestar Galactica. As usual, Commander Adama and his officers were in crisis mode ‑ a tight throng of high-ranking nabobs clustered around Adama and his son Apollo.

There were so many people on the bridge that they were lucky they didn’t intersect with any of them when they arrived. That would have been messy. Or maybe not lucky… maybe the magic took care of that. As it was, Ron bumped a moving man and sent him sprawling.

“Wow,” said Harry. “This is like something from Star Trek! Look at all the uniforms and instrument panels!”

“More like Star Wars, you mean,” Ron corrected him. “This must be the bridge of the Death Star!”

They both goggled around the room as if they had never been in a control center before. Perhaps they hadn’t. It wasn’t much like Dumbledore’s office.

“Fan boys!” hissed Hermione. She elbowed Harry; Ron had prudently kept his distance from her. “We didn’t come to sight see.”

Alarms went off. Deafening Klaxons filled the air ‑ a noise almost loud enough to be painful. “INTRUDERS ON THE BRIDGE!” blared a computer voice. It repeated that message every five seconds.

The security officers stationed near the several entry doors on the edges of the room. Some of them were drawing pistols.

“Wait!” cried Harry, putting both his hands up in the air above his head.

Hermione simply shook her wand above her head and called out “Attlestarbay Eoplepay Eezfray!”

All the Battlestar Galactica people stopped moving. Even the Klaxon seemed to slow down.

“Wait a minute! That wasn’t Latin!” Ron protested.

“Was too!” Hermione snapped. “Pig Latin! Anyway, it’s intention, and focused willpower that makes the magic work – not stupid words.”

“We would be the laughing stocks of Hogwarts if we cast our spells in Pig Latin!”

“I kind of like the idea,” said Harry.

Hermione flashed him a quick smile. Then she was back to business. “What do we do next, Harry?”

“We should talk to the leader.”

Ron had started to walk around. “That’s probably this guy. All the flunkies are gathered around him.”

“Haul him out of there, Ron. Get ready to unfreeze him, Hermione.”

Ron manhandled Adama over to where Harry and Hermione were standing.

“Freezeunay, Adama-san!”

Ron gave her a dirty look.

Adama blinked and found himself looking at a purple lightning mark on the forehead of a young man with glasses. That actually reassured him a bit. There was something vaguely military about that lightning mark. Only a troop commander of some sort would wear it. Adama continued his analysis. Only three of them ‑ one female. Obviously a commando team of some sort. No obvious weapons except the tiny batons, and the leader had his stuck into his belt.

“Hermione, make sure we can understand him and vice-versa.”

“Anslatetray Anguageslay!”

Adama spoke slowly and deliberately. “Why have you come to my ship, and what have you done to my people?”

“We received an emergency distress call and we came to help.”

“I stopped them all,” said Hermione. “There’s no time for the confusion, and someone might have gotten hurt.”

Adama rubbed his chin and glared at them. “We sent no distress signal. There is no one left in this galaxy to receive it.”

“We are not from this galaxy. At least I don’t think so. We are not Cytrons or-”

“Cylons,” interrupted Adama. “I guess that proves it. If you were Cylons you’d know your own name.”

“-enemies,” said Harry. “I think you are facing a grave emergency. What is it?”

“There is a Cylon battle fleet of over ten thousand ships converging on us ‑ only about two hours away. We can’t fight them. We have only about one hundred ships and most of them are shuttles and traders.”

“Then run away,” said Harry.

“We can’t run away. Even if we broke through their line somewhere, we’d take terrible losses, and their warcraft are faster than our civilian ships. They would catch us again in no time.”

“You could surrender,” offered Hermione.

“This is a war to the death,” Adama explained. “They would just kill us all. That would be the end of human life in the galaxy.”

“That leaves trickery,” said Harry. “I have the glimmerings of a plan.”

“Glimmerings?” asked Adama. “What’s a glimmering?” The word obviously didn’t translate.

“Never mind,” said Harry. “It’s a possible plan.” He then changed the subject. “If we release your people, do you think you could control them, and keep them from harming us?”

“Yes, if we could make it clear that you’re no threat.”

Harry sank to his knees before Adama. Ron caught the idea, and followed suit. Hermione shook her head as if to say, “I’m not kneeling.”

“Herm, it’s the only way. Pretend he’s King Arthur, and he’s knighting us.”

“Cool,” breathed Ron. “Alright,” grumbled Hermione. “First I’ll release them.”

“Freezeunay inay entay econdssay.”

The next thing Apollo saw was his father and commander standing with his hands on a stranger’s shoulders and smiling. Three invaders knelt before Adama looking a bit anxious.

“Shut off those alarms!” barked Adama. The Klaxon clicked off. “Computer, silence! These are friends. Please introduce yourself friends, and stand up.”

Harry stood up. “My name is Harry Potter. I am known as the boy who lived, and I hope to help you do the same.”

Hermione stepped forward. “My name is Hermione Granger. I’m the best witch in England.” She stepped back.

Ron stepped up. “My name is Ron Weasley. I’m their friend, and a good wizard in my own right.”

Adama took over. “These young people have come a long way to help us. We will listen to them and give them a chance. We can’t fight, and we can’t run. Let’s give them a chance.”

“I’m willing,” said Apollo.

He looked at the room, and other people started nodding. They were so hard-pressed, and so desperate that they were willing to try anything – even help from wizards who appeared out of nowhere.

Harry took the stage. “We have to trick these Cylons. Can they actually see this fleet?”

“Not yet,” said Adama, “but they can track our radio transmissions.”

“Then we need to change the transmissions to sound like Cylon transmissions.”

Adama turned to another officer. “Can we do that?”

“Yes. We can imitate Cylon speech, at least for a short time.”

“Good,” said Harry. “Start changing the transmissions as soon as you can. At the same time make some transmissions that talk about the emergency escape method.”

“What emergency escape method?”


The communications officer staggered backwards. Then he gathered a few of his officers and started planning the radio transmissions.

“Now, Commander Adama, we have a little time to teach you some magic,” said Harry.

“Me do magic?” asked Adama.

“You’ve been doing magic for years,” said Ron. “If you hadn’t you’d all be dead by now.”

The Commander smiled.


When the Cylon fleet arrived they found a small fleet of Cylon warships waiting for them.

Working together, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Adama created an illusion that covered the whole fleet. When the Cylons called them, someone who looked just like a Cylon commander explained how they saw the human fleet disappear through what looked like a hole in space. The idea was something that Ron (the sci-fi fan in the group) had suggested.

If a robot could look disappointed, the Cylon commander was heartbroken. The two fleets moved apart. The disguised Colonial fleet promised to keep looking for themselves. In a few hours they were safely away.

“We can’t thank you enough for the magic you worked for us,” Adama told Harry.

“We were happy to help and that it worked!” Harry assured him. “And if you ever get to Earth, look us up.””Earth!” cried Adama. “Earth? That’s the very planet we’re looking for. How can we find it?”But Hermione had already started the return teleport.”Ackbay ootay Ogwartshay!” she cried, and they were gone.

Back in school the three friends high-fived each other. “To think,” said Ron, “we just fooled 10,000 Cylon ships and saved 50,000 people! We rule!”

“Yeah,” laughed Harry. “Now if only beating Oldemortvay was as easy!”

The End



  1. Posted February 6, 2011 at 9:39 pm | Permalink | Reply

    PIG LATIN?!?! ROTFL!! Good sequel… who’s next? Hee

  2. Posted February 7, 2011 at 2:14 am | Permalink | Reply

    A great conclusion to what Eisley started. I enjoyed reading both.

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