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Twitter Poetry, Part Two

I have this impossible dream that some day, maybe after I’m dead, someone will re-discover all these short poems, and random thoughts, and WORDS OF WISDOM, and collect it all into a book.  Maybe call it TROLLGOD’S MISCELLANEA, or in a slightly more vulgar, but hipper tone: TROLL DROPPINGS.

Lately, inspired by one @black_canary02 from Twitter, I’ve been doing a lot, for me at least, of internet verse. It has to be brief to fit on twitter. I like brief. We all want to live epic lives, but the best quotes are short and sweet. Some poets write short stuff, and some write long, but nobody remembers the long stuff, or if they do, it’s just a line or two extracted from the greater body of work.

That being said, here is some more of my short stuff . . . in no particular order, and following no particular theme. Troll droppings indeed.


Morning Haiku

Somnolent. Restless.

My brains says, “Get the fuck up!”

I would rather die.


For NationalKissingDay

Virtual kisses

Are all I get.

That’s ok.

I’m not dead yet.



Cold coffee . . .

Warm juice . . .

Damn you, Twitter!

For causing me

To lose track of

What’s important In life.


Waffles & Jam &

Cheese & Coffee.

It ain’t the Ritz,

But it is my life.


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Sometimes you are not going to agree with me, or I with you.

That’s ok.

But don’t you just hate it when you’re wrong?



Too Much Good Stuff

I see all these new games announced.

They all look so awesome.

If only I had the will to play them.

One man can only grok so much . . .

When I don’t want to write, really write,

And I don’t want to fight, pixel fight,

Then Twitter’s in sight, day and night.