Twitter Poetry–Part 4

Today’s collection of poetry is built around a series of pictures I took during the day. The poems are still terrible, but at least you’ll have some photos to look at.  🙂


Everyone likes pictures, right?

& so this is my plot:

To show the pix I took today,

And ask which ones are hot.

Embedded image permalink

Please favorite the ones you like,

And just ignore the rest,

So when an hour or two has passed,

I’ll know which one is best.

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& every pic will have its poem

I saw a tree not far from home.

I took a pic to illustrate

how stories neer do run straight.

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Imagine my surprise

Looking in Diana’s eyes.

She is a Woman Wonder.

That look could put me under

Her control.

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This is not the letter S.

It’s a Kryptonian glyph,

And you should only wear it when

You do a super riff.

Embedded image permalink

I went into a comics store

And found an iron man.

They put him in a corner

Where he sat upon his can.

Embedded image permalink

If I only had a dollar

For every super bank,

I’d have enough to buy one

And put my money in it.

Embedded image permalink

He tried to duck & doge & hide.

He said he wasn’t ready.

I tried & tried & tried & tried

To photograph Fast Eddie.

Embedded image permalink

I love those secondary books

Inspired by a story.

To have this in a bookstore,

Must be George Martin’s glory.

Embedded image permalink

Long ago I used to buy

And read each fantasy I’d spy.

But now there are so many books

That all they get is passing looks.

Embedded image permalink

I’m a troll & it’s a tun-

Nel. Being in one is such fun.

Water splashes everywhere

But none of it gets in my hair.

Embedded image permalink

To the carwash I must go

Every other month or so.

I look goofy. I don’t care. This would make a groovy lair.

Embedded image permalink

And now my rhymes are ended.

I hope I made you smile.

I think I will play Hearthstone

And leave this Twitter stuff alone.


I like this page. It has more structure and coherence than the other Twitter poetry pages. If you like it too, please leave a poem in the comments.



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