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Brilliance as Dawn Approaches

Brilliance as Dawn Approaches
     by Laurie Rose
As the night vanishes with the placing of the last dew drop, Fetrina settles in on a tree branch to watch the sun rise.  She breathes in a heavy, awe-struck gasp as the most brilliant sunrise decorates the sky.  First just oranges, but then purples and dark yellows and reds join the pallette.
Fetrina lies on the branch, her back against the trunk of the tree.  As she puts her arms behind her head, she glances up briefly in  “sun-rise-satisfaction” to see a most peculiar sight.  A cloth in the branch above her is moving and making sounds.  Alarmed, Fetrina flies above, but not too close.  A fairy cannot be too careful, you know.
What lies in that bundle strikes awe in Fetrina’s heart.  It is a human baby, with deep hazel eyes and blonde curls.  Nearby is a stork with a broken wing–it is near death.  The baby is beginning to cry.  With all of the calmeness she can muster, Fetrina flies beside the baby’s face, stroking her cheek as she says she will return in a moment.
It takes some persuasion, but four squirrel friends return with Fetrina to help get the baby down.  The stork has passed.  Fetrina takes a few leaves to cover the stork, thanking the stork for protecting this baby.  The squirrels bring the baby to Fetrina’s home where Fetrina is now debating with the Fairy Queen.  Reluctantly, the Queen allows the baby to be reared by Fetrina.  Perhaps it will give Fetrina some focus.  After all, Fairies are called to serve and protect where they can.
Alone again, Fetrina and the squirrels vow to bring this baby up to be the most beautiful, caring and gentle human possible.  Her name, she must have a name.  The baby coos as the last star gives way to the full sun.  Naaaaaaaame…..ahhh……..Her name is Dawn-keeper of the morning light!  There is much work to do. 
The story isn’t very trollish, but it is a lovely fantasy.  I liked it, so I printed it.