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Strange Poetry

Hey, I’m re-opening this site.  Briefly, and probably just for my own use, but if you have a weird poem  that you’d like to contribute, send it to me, and maybe it will go online here.   I think poetry can be a form of flash fiction.


I have always loved poetry, especially poetry that rhymes.  I know hundreds of songs and poems by heart.  I make up verses—doggerel really on the spur of the moment.  On Trollhalla I reward poems with trollish victory points, and encourage every new member to write and post a poem for us on entering.

Still, poetry is just one of the things that I appreciate and do.  It has never been the main thing, and I suppose that means I am no true poet.  Well, true or false, I like it, and I create it sometimes.  The kind I like the best is poetry of the strange, the bizarre, the outlandish.  To that end I would say that my favorite poets ever are H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and Robert E. Howard.  No, this essay isn’t about them really.  It’s about one strange poem I created a couple of months ago, and I want to send it out into the world, not let it perish in anonymity as poems do.

At CopperCon this year someone gave a poetry workshop.  I attended, and enjoyed what they had to say, and participated in the exercises.  One of the assignments sparked this idea from me. Now here it is.

If Mars had oceans . . .


Evolve or Die

          By ken St. Andre,

          Copyright November 2011


On Mars the seas died long ago.

Their creatures had no place to go.

Some died and simply left their bones,

But others sought for better homes.


The octopod things learned to fly.

They launched themselves into the sky.

They built their nests on clouds of dust,

And changed their hues from green to rust.

Their tentacles were whirly things;

Their bulbous heads developed wings.

On Mount Olympus they would perch,

Sing octo songs and go to church.


Eventually, technology

Helped them find another sea.


They came to Earth—a Martian stream—

I saw all this in last night’s dream.




Dead sea bottom