Twitter Poetry

Inspired by a woman named Susan Canary who calls herself black_canary02, I have been posting short poetry on Twitter. But those immortal rhymes and bits of verse will get lost there, so I’m going to archive it here. The hashtags are there to tie things together, but also to serve as my own ironic commentary on the verse. Who knows? Perhaps it will turn into a book some day?  There is no central theme to this. Remember, friends, my true allegiance is neither black nor white, good nor evil. I serve Chaos, and I serve it chaotically.  You have been warned.

Additional note: Writing on Twitter is like swimming in handcuffs.  I have expanded & cleaned up some of the poetry here where I have room to do so.


Ode to

It’s hard to make a site I bet

When what you enter

Isn’t what you get.

Trollish Wisdom #1

Sometimes the sky

Can be found

Beneath the bridge.

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The Question

Imagine yourself in a huge chamber

Stacked full of every kind of treasure,

And you are told you can look all you want,

But you can only have one.

What would you do?

What would you take?

The choice is yours,

But your life’s at stake.


They’re worse for my health

Than hungry mosquitos,

But I sure love

The taste of Fritos.


This tempted me just now

But I am unable to fall.

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Both Sides
The world must realize that
Both sides of zero are real.
We may want to be Good,
But that’s not how we feel.


I like my women

Safe, but I love those bitches

Fucking dangerous!


Game Master
Like a trapdoor spider,
The Game master lies in wait,
Clutching his dice.
Fantasy Girls
Goblins are fast;
Trolls are slow;
Elves are kinky,
And you know
Dwarves are grimy;
Fairies small.
Human girls are
Best of all.

Get Up!

Somnolent. Restless.

My brain says, “Get the fuck up!”

I would rather die.

Any Excuse Will do

When I don’t want to write, really write,

And I don’t want to fight, pixel fight,

Then Twitter’s in sight, day and night.


If you knew where to look,

you could find a cool spot

under a hot bridge.

I want the whole world to see
New high score on L.
Getting better day by days
In so many tiny ways. 🙂
(God only knows where the numbers came  from? I didn’t put them in, and I can’t seem to cut them out. Grrrr! WordPress, don’t help me!)
When I see a meme
I would assault,
I want to write a poem.
It’s all your fault.

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